Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Finally recovered after wisdom teeth extraction

Coming back from getting extracted my 4 wisdom teeth. I did stop training for a couple of days and slowly got back to life... :D

Well a little capture of the exact moment after having that amazing process... All fine, great Dentist...

So now lets keep going with the belt hunt :)

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Fully recovered

Finally back into business after having extractted my 4 wisdom teeth in 1 go, not such a bad experience, just thaatbi had to stop trainiing meanwhile curing my extra mouth space

Mitt and objective training is the best for us now.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Shotokan in the dark

Hi friends,

On Friday evening we decided to try training in the park just next home (usually it is very well lit, but this Friday was dark). I wanted to share with you what we found during that session.

When we were executing the Kata Heian Nidan, we found it extremely easy to maintain and coordinate the movement without hesitation. I believe that as part of self-evaluation/self-criticism the learning process gets slowed, to the point that mind does not get fully focused.

Please be mindful with the location when you train at all time, but training on a dark space was a worth to try experience for us.

Have a great training....

Friday, September 29, 2017

Japanese fisherman nodding-ish

The place that we are using for training is just next to Yarra River in Melbourne, funny enough, the area is always full with Japanese fisherman that like to spare their retirement time seating around the area. Today meanwhile practising Heian Nidan, a late comer Fisherman walk passed us nodding and smiling gliding to our "not precise" but well-intentioned attempt. Half way he changed from nodding to shaking this head but still smiling... well we will keep trying... :) 

In the end you never know who is watching you...

A couple of captures from Heian Nidan

Starting the Journey! 90 days to Orange

What to say to start properly? That is the primordial question that comes to my mind right now.

To be honest taking this path and the challenge brings me into the anxious status of "What will this be?"... If I say "I know" then the excitement will vanish and then I won't pursue the goal anymore. I prefer to say... Go for it!!!...

Why do I train? I believe is for the same reason I don't want to stop doing new things, searching for answers... How will it feel to be more experienced as a Martial Artist? What is that really defines to know a martial art? How can I adapt and incorporate movement and reactions into my body?

What I'll be sharing is not the perfect student (No mistakes type of guy) but instead I want to share the wins and losses that happens during the way...